The Merge tool combines objects, preserving field data and attached objects. Potential merges are identified based on common field values such as account name or website. The tool then allows you to compare the objects and decide which fields to preserve. For stronger duplicate matching using multiple fields will lead to better accuracy.

How to Update:

  • To search for duplicates, click on the “Duplicate Field” tab at the top of the page. This is where you choose the field/fields to search for duplicate values.
  • The report will show the common field values and the count represents the number of duplicate objects with that common field value.
  • Click the checkbox to view the details of the objects.
  • If the objects that are revealed need to be merged, click the checkbox beside them to compare conflicts in all field values.
  • Select the master record, then scroll down to choose field values.
  • As you scroll down, choose the field value that you would like to preserve, the other value to be removed.
  • Once you have decided on field values to preserve, click merge. This will merge the objects together, preserving the field values that you chose, as well as all attached objects such as activites and files.
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