Insycle allows you find duplicates by any field or field combination, and then to merge them manually one-by-one or in bulk using rules.

When merging records, the related contacts, deals, notes, emails, etc. from the duplicate records get reassigned to the master records.

For more about the impact of duplicates see: Data Duplication and HubSpot: Dealing With Duplicates and the Impact They Have on Your Business

First, pick "Duplicate Field"

In "Duplicate Field" tab select one or more fields for matching duplicate records.
For example: first name, last name, and phone or date of birth, etc.

Optionally, filter records

You may want to filter the list of duplicate records if you're looking for specific ones.
In the "Filter" tab, filter by any field.
For example: City contains boston or filter out contacts without email address.

Then bulk merge selected ones or all of them

Use rules to define how the master is picked. The rules are read from top to bottom and the goal is for only one record to match all rules. The simplest example is just one rule: "last modified date", only one record will match that obviously. More sophisticated rules include other properties, like unsubscribe, bounce, delivery, email type (persona/work), and more. 

Another rule you can provide is the maximum duplicate group size in Step 3. This value limits the number of records per duplicate group that can be merged automatically. For example, when this value is set to 5 (default), bulk merge will skip merging 6 contacts that have the same name. 

You can run a simulation to learn how the rules work on real data, without actually performing the merge. The "Simulate" field is checked by default. 

When the merge is completed, whether in simulation mode or real mode, you'll also get an email containing csv attachment with detailed breakdown of the records and the results of the rules execution. You can creative a pivot table in Excel to analyze it.

With bulk merge you can merge 10-1000 records at a time, or pick specific duplicates buckets to merge.

Or, manual merge one by one

Manual merge enables you to pick a value for the master for any field.

Manual Merge: Select Duplicates Records

Insycle will automatically surface duplicate records grouped by buckets matching the duplicate field(s). Select a bucket to merge, and then all relevant records.
Optionally, add more fields to the view using the "Layout" tab.

Manual Merge: Select Master Record Values

Pick master record, and optionally select values to retain from the duplicates records.
Using the relevant tab you can review fields with conflicting values, readonly values, or all fields. Plus, you can filter fields by name.

Manual Merge: Execute Merge

Click the "Merge" button to merge the records.
Contacts and deals of duplicates are re-assigned to the master, including related activities, tasks, and calls.

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