Uploading CSV files straight to your instance can lead to duplicate data and mistakes in field values. The intelligent uploader will check the accuracy of data before importing. The tool will look for duplicate objects, incorrect field values and allow you to clean the data before uploading. 

How to Upload:

  • Upload your CSV file through Insycle by clicking the "Select CSV File" and choosing the file.

  • Columns not matched will be highlighted in red. Click the drop down labelled "Not Mapped" to choose the field to match to.

  • Choose the action of Update (editing existing), Upsert (edit existing and create new) or Create.

  • Prior to uploading, use the "Show" bar to show Valid rows and Warnings of incomplete data.

  • To edit errors on the sheet, hover over the field and click the pen. For multiple updates, click the check box, hover over on of the fields and update. 

  • Once the data is ready to upload, click "Upload All" or use the checkboxes to select individual lines to upload, then click "Upload Selected".

  • Once uploaded, use the "Show" bar to filter and show Successes and Failures.

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