Field cleanse allows you to see how and if fields are being used. The tool gives visibility into the number of empty fields and the number of distinct values. It is also possible to update field values such as standardizing fields like billing city or billing state. This can be done across a whole group or individually. In combination with a created date filter, it is possible to see how often fields are being used. Look at objects created in the last 6 months and the number of distinct vs empty fields. 

How to Update:

  • Click the checkbox beside the field value/values you would like to update and standardize.

  • Scroll down to to the update tab and select which field you are going to change. Enter the new value, then click “Update All...”.

  • The second step is to make individual updates within a group. The same as step before,  select the group that you would like to make updates within.

  • Then scroll down below the update tab to view each account within the selected group. 

  • Click the checkbox beside the objects you would like to update then go t the update tab. 

  • Choose the field value, for example “Company Size”, input the new value and click “Update Selected Companies”.

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