Insycle let you organize, cleanse, and update data in multiple platforms – all in one place. 

To manage connected accounts go to Settings > Accounts

Add an Account

Scroll down to the Add Accounts section and click the relevant logo to connect an additional account. You can connect multiple accounts of the same or different types (for example, two Salesforce orgs and three Intercom accounts).

Check the status of a newly added account in Settings > Sync Stats

Remove an Account

Select an account and click the trash bin icon. You'll be promoted to confirm account removal, and if approved the account and all your data from that account will be removed from Insycle infrastructure immediately.

Sync an Account

Insycle keeps your data in sync using a fully automated adaptive algorithm that runs hourly and nightly. In some cases you may want to trigger a sync to update Insycle with changes just made not through Insycle. 

Select an account, click the cloud download icon, and you'll see a confirmation that Insycle kicked off incremental sync for the changes made within the last hour.

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