Insycle helps you cleanse data and fix inconsistencies quickly and easily. You could run the data updates manually or set things up to run automatically to achieve better results for your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams.  


Templates are key concept in Insycle. In every module you can save the configuration, settings, filters & layout into a Template for reuse later and to share it with your team. 

Templates are also the building block that enables Automation. 

Updating Data

When you click on the relevant action button (Bulk Merge, Transform, Update, etc.), a dialog will pop up and ask you to choose between running the update automatically using a schedule, or manually just once now. 


In the "Automate" tab you can pick the appropriate schedule for running the Template. When you click "Schedule" it will save the Template and Schedule.

Manual Updates

In the "Run Now" tab you can pick which records to update right now.

  • Selected: the rows you selected

  • Chunk: the first 50/100/200... records 

  • All: all the records (if a filter is used then all records that match the filter)

Managing Schedules

You can review, edit, prioritize, and manage all schedules that you and team have defined. Open "Schedules" from the main menu or click here.

Activity Reports

All data updates made through Insycle, whether automatically or manually, are available in an activity report. Open "Run" from the main menu or click here.

You can also use the "Runs" module to check the status of updates that are currently running.

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