Poor data quality costs hours of lost productivity, negative customer experiences, and has a real impact on revenue. 

The goal of the Health Assessment dashboard is to surface data quality issues that negatively impact your marketing, sales, and support efforts, and to guide you through the process of fixing them.

How it works

  • Every night, Insycle automatically assesses the health of your database and identifies issues with your data. Whether it’s poorly formatted data like names in all capital letters, missing data like job titles for your contacts, or invalid data like US zip codes with less than 5 digits — the Health Assessment will identify issues in your customer data and help you fix them.

  • Once your report is run, you can use Insycle to fix your data before it negatively impacts your marketing personalization efforts, list segmentation, email deliverability, and sales productivity.

  • We have identified common customer data issues that all companies should track and eliminate. The data issues are grouped by Category, for example, Poorly Formatted Data, Low Quality Data, Inconsistent Data, Duplicate Data, etc.

  • The Health Assessment will track the number of data issues you have over time. As data issues are fixed, your number of data issues will go down. As new customer records are added to your database, new issues may also arise.

  • The underlying data can be exported to CSV with just a click for further analysis.

How to customize

Do you have an issue with your database that our out-of-the-box assessment doesn’t identify? You can customize the Health Assessment for your organization. 

  • Open the relevant module, for example "Transform Data".

  • Pick an existing Template or create a new one, and configure configure it.

  • Click Settings to select a Category and to provide a short Description.

  • Click to toggle whether the template is included in the Health Assessment. 

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