In HubSpot you can associate Contacts, Companies, and Deals to each other to improve sales and marketing efforts. There are many benefits to keeping records associated: 

  • Segmentation: you can create lists and campaigns for contacts using associated company-level properties, for example, contacts that belong to companies that have more than 100 employees. 

  • Workflows: when records are associated you can copy values from one record to another or trigger actions.

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM): improve marketing campaigns by sending material to all relevant stakeholders within an account.

  • Sales productivity: avoid sales reps from stepping on each other and reaching out to different contacts at the same account without knowing about each other.

  • Attribution: clear visibility into conversions to highlight efforts that resulted in net-new contacts and won deals.

How to manage associations using HubSpot

You can manage association directly in HubSpot manually, or automatically by using the domain name of contacts. 

Here is HubSpot's official Guide to Record Associations.

How to bulk associate contacts, companies, and deals using Insycle

Insycle complements and augments associations management in HubSpot. You can bulk add or remove associations between Contacts<>Companies, Contacts<>Deals, or Companies<>Deals using any property. 

There is no need to export or import data from HubSpot, Insycle works directly on your data in HubSpot.

For example, you could use Contact's "Company Name", or "Phone Number", or any other custom property that holds a unique identifier, and match it with Company's "Name", "Phone Number", or any other custom property.

Preview Mode lets you simulate bulk association without actually associating any record in HubSpot, it works nicely together with the CSV report feature which sends a detailed report about the matching, and mismatching, records.

How to automate associations using Insycle

In the same way you bulk associate records, you can schedule the association to occur on a daily basis automatically.

Additional resources

If you'd like to read more about the importance of associating records in HubSpot, see our blog article on the topic: Fix Stray HubSpot Contacts With Bulk Association — Connect Contacts to Companies and Deals With Complete Control

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