Insycle keeps your data in sync using a fully automated adaptive algorithm that runs hourly and nightly. 

Here is more information about how Insycle keeps data in sync:

TL;DR: modified records sync hourly, deleted records sync nightly.

When you make changes through Insycle, everything is in sync. When you make changes in the CRM directly it syncs back to Insycle in the following way:

  • Every hour: records modified in the past hour, and metadata changes (new fields, picklists, etc.)

  • On login: records modified in the past hour

  • From Insycle Settings>Accounts: manually trigger sync for records modified in the past day (see below)

  • Every night: full sync, both modified AND deleted records. 

We can also trigger full sync manually anytime, feel free to reach out and let us know when needed.

How to trigger manual sync

In some cases you may want to trigger a sync to update Insycle with changes just made in the underlying CRM.

Select an account, click the cloud download icon.

Next you'll see a confirmation that Insycle kicked off incremental sync for the changes made within the last hour.

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