For security reasons, Insycle uses Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate users. There is no Insycle-specific username and password.

On the login page click the "Log in with X" button of the relevant app, approve access, and you'd be logged in to Insycle automatically.

You can log in to Insycle only if you can log in to the target app. It is not possible to log in to Insycle without Single Sign-On (SSO).

Frequently Asked Questions

I clicked the app logo but nothing happened

Your browser might have javascript disabled, you can either whitelist, or use the app server login page instead of the marketing site login page.

After clicking the app logo, it logged me in to the app, not to Insycle

Some apps require that you have a browser session open before using Single Sign-On to login. Please try logging in to Insycle again after logging in to the app.


If you're still having issues logging in, please try the following steps:

  1. Use Chrome browser

  2. Open a new incognito window

  3. Log in to your app directly, for example, log in to Salesforce or HubSpot.

  4. After you're logged in to the app successfully, log in to Insycle

If login is unsuccessful for any reason:

  • Capture a screenshot or record a short video using Loom or any other tool.

  • Open the Developer Tools, and look for the Console tab. Capture any message shown there.

  • Send the recordings and console log via chat or email it to

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