Implementing data management automation is critical for freeing your employees' time to focus on more strategic tasks, improving morale, and ensuring that you can use your marketing and sales automation systems to their true potential. Smart automation makes your organization more effective.

With Insycle, you can integrate Insycle Recipes into HubSpot Workflow Builder. Recipes are available for contacts, companies, deals, and custom object types. For example, you can cleanse, format, deduplicate contact data immediately when a visitor fills out a form and before the nurturing email is sent.

With Insycle's workflow integration, you can eliminate many manual data maintenance tasks and improve the quality of your data as it is collected.

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Quick Summary

Insycle makes it easy to cleanse, format, deduplicate contact data immediately when a visitor fills out a form and before the nurturing email is sent.

First, you take your templates and collect them in a Recipe. For instance, you might create a recipe for all of your templates that deal with a specific field. Then, you can add those Recipes directly to HubSpot Workflows, automating your most critical data maintenance tasks.

Insycle makes data management and maintenance automation simple in HubSpot.

Insycle HubSpot Workflow Integration: Basic Set-Up

Insycle directly integrates Recipes into HubSpot Workflows as steps in the automation process.

In HubSpot, under Automation>Workflows, pick an existing workflow or create a new one.

form and email

Click the "+" button to add a new action, wherever you would like to inject an Insycle Recipe.

From the list of available actions search for "insycle" and pick "Insycle - Run Contact Recipe". If you cannot find Insycle, use the "Connect an app" tab to find and connect Insycle.

insycle run recipe

You have two options here. "Insycle - Run Contact Recipe" and "Insycle - Run Custom Object Recipe."

After picking "Insycle - Run Contact Recipe", you'd see a list of your Recipes including default Recipes suggested by Insycle.

For example, pick "Cleanse Contacts - Basic Recipe" which is a simple recipe that formats the first name with proper case capitalization, clears generic first names (admin, sales, info, etc.), alerts about typos in email addresses, removes spam contacts, and more.

recipe list

For a complete description of a recipe, open Recipes in Insycle.

You can add as many Recipes to the workflow as you would like.

hubspot workflow

In this example, Insycle will cleanse and deduplicate contacts, after they fill out the lead capture form, and before they receive the "Welcome" email.

Lastly, save and activate the workflow. From now on, HubSpot will send contacts, companies, or deals that meet the workflow criteria to Insycle which will run the relevant Recipe.

Recipe Run Mode: Preview vs. Update

Insycle allows you to create templates in both Preview mode and Update mode.

  • Preview Mode - For analysis purposes, no data is modified. A sample CSV is generated.

  • Update Mode - Data in HubSpot will be updated.

This can be an issue with Workflows. You do not want to add Preview Mode Recipes to workflows, as no data will be updated.

To ensure your Recipes are executing in Update mode, navigate to the "Recipes" page on Insycle. The mode will be listed next to the template name.

recipe mode

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for Insycle to process an event? Insycle processes events in batch every 5 minutes.

  • Does HubSpot wait for Insycle to complete processing the action before moving to the next action/step? Yes. HubSpot waits for Insycle to complete the recipe. In the example above, before the Welcome email is sent, the contact data is cleansed and formatted by Insycle.

  • Where can I see whether Recipe ran for a particular contact? In HubSpot, open the "History" tab and look for the "This action was initiated." event. Within few minutes it would also show a "Successfully executed" event, see sample workflow history screenshot below. In addition, you can find an audit trail in the Activity Tracker in Insycle.

  • How can I test it with just one contact? Use HubSpot's "Enroll" button to manually enroll a specific contact, see more in Manually enroll records in workflows

  • What is a Recipe? Insycle allows you to string together individual tasks (Templates) into a longer sequence (Recipes), which can then be automated to run on a set schedule. Essentially, Recipes allow you to automate multiple tasks to run together in a specific order. Read more about Why Data Management Is So Time-Consuming And How Recipes Can Help

  • Can I trigger a Recipe when a new contact is created or update, even when they do not submit a form? Yes, you can use any property or activate to trigger HubSpot workflow enrollment, see more in Set your workflow enrollment triggers

  • My recipe ran successfully, why was the data not updated in HubSpot? In Insycle, open the relevant recipe and make sure it is set to run in "Update" mode, see Recipe running "Mode" steps and screenshot below. Also, as mentioned above Insycle processes events in batch every 5 minutes, it may need few more minutes to complete the batch.

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