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Merge Duplicate Contacts in Mailchimp

For a step-by-step guide about the deduplication tool and process, please see the help article Bulk merge duplicate people, companies

Mailchimp Merge Logic

Here is what happens when you bulk merge Mailchimp duplicates in Insycle.

Fields: Retained from the master. When a value is empty in the master it picks a non-empty value from the most recently updated duplicate automatically. When in doubt about conflicting field values, include those fields in the CSV report by adding them to the Master Selection section and their values would show on the audit trail.

Customized Merge Logic

It is possible to customize the merge logic. For example, to instruct it to keep values from the master record instead of the most recently updated value, or copy values from one field to another as part of the merge, or any other.

Customized merge logic requires an Enterprise plan.

Please reach out via chat to discuss your specific requirements.

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