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The Transform Data module offers ETL functionality, where you can perform a wide range of functions to help you filter and extract, transform, and load the data into your CRM.

Insycle offers unparalleled customization within the Transform Data module, allowing you to build custom rulesets for how you filter and identify data, extract or move that data, and transform that data—before updating the data in your CRM. With Insycle, you can build a fully custom ETL solution.

With Insycle's Transform Data module, you can do things like:

  • Formatting names, phone numbers, and addresses

  • Standardizing job titles, industries, locations

  • Extracting data from fields using flexible rules

  • Removing invalid data and typos from fields

  • Merging fields or moving data between them

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Key Use Cases

Sample Use Case Steps: Format Names, Phones, & Addresses

Quick Summary

With Insycle's Transform Data module, altering and moving your data at scale is straightforward.

Insycle offers a variety of pre-built templates that allow you to tackle common data extraction, transformation, and loading tasks directly out of the box. However, you can also build your own custom templates for tackling issues that are unique to your organization.

For some tasks, you can schedule automation so that specific tasks in the Transform Data module—such as formatting or standardizing data, for example—are performed automatically on a set schedule.

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