The Activity Tracker lets you track and review all changes made through Insycle in one place.

Every operation made through Insycle has a Run ID which is a unique identifier for that operation.

Use the Run ID when you reach out to Insycle support with any questions, or to collaborate with your team by referencing a set of data updates.

Audit Trail

An audit trail of every operation is stored and accessible at any time.

The Activity Tracker includes information and statistics about every operation:

  • Start and Finish times and duration

  • Record counts: total, succeeded, failed, updated, created, deleted, unmodified

  • App, account, module, record type, template

  • User name

  • Manual vs Automated operation

  • Mode: Preview or Update

  • Recipe: hover to see the corresponding Recipe Run ID, when applicable


In the Activity Tracker, click on the relevant Run ID to download a CSV report of the records affected by that operation.

The CSV report includes:

  • Record ID

  • Record Name

  • Deeplink to the record in the native CRM

  • Values "before" and "after" the operation

  • Additional fields based on the specific modules and selection.

"Preview" Operations

Operations in "preview" mode are also tracked in the Activity Tracker. Click to toggle "preview" runs to show on the top right corner.

Revert, undo, and rollback operations

In order to revert or undo changes made in an operation, download the CSV that corresponds to that Run ID.

Using Magical Import map the Record ID and "before" columns, discard the "after" columns, and upload the relevant records to the CRM.

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