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Explore values in free-text fields, bulk update and standardize the data, set up rules for mapping values on a recurring basis automatically:

  • Inconsistent values in the CRM make it difficult to segment data, personalize campaigns, create reports, route and score leads, and more.

  • Standardize job titles. For example: VP Sales, VP of Sales, Vice President of Sales, vp sales.

  • Fix inconsistent state and country fields that break the HubSpot Salesforces sync

Simulate the mapping process by running it in "preview" mode before actually updating the data in the CRM to make sure it works as expected.

Generate a CSV report of the values before and after. Revert changes if needed.

Quick Start using Templates

Open the Transform Data module and pick a record type, for example, contact or company.

For a quick start, explore the default templates. There might be a template that already solves exactly what you need. Alternatively, use an existing template as a starting point and adjust it to your requirements.

Explore values in free-text fields

Open the Cleanse Data module and pick a record type, for example, contact or company.

The table would show statistics about all the fields.

Next, in Step 2, pick the Job Title field to review a breakdown of the values and their count, similar to a pivot table. You can expand the view to show up to 500 unique values per page.

Bulk update and standardize values

You can select groups of records, then bulk update or delete those underlying records. Optionally you can even select specific records within those groups.

In the example below, 3 groups that contain variations of VP Sales are selected. With just a click you can bulk update the underlying 10 records and set consistent value in the Job Title field. Alternatively, you can bulk update different fields, for example, group by "Job Title" and Bulk Update the "Persona" field for those 10 records.

Set up rules for mapping values automatically

You can set up rules for mapping and standardizing values automatically using the Transform Data module.

The "Map" function would compare the existing value using case-insensitive comparison, and if it matches the "Existing Text", it is replaced by the value in the "New Text". You can map multiple values, using the “|” symbol between each variation to account for all potential possibilities.

For example, pick the Job Title field and map different but similar values into a standard value.

  • vp sales

  • VP sales

  • vp of sales

  • vice president sales

  • vice president of sales


All these variations would be replaced with "VP Sales"

There are similar additional functions for mapping:

  • "Map": Compares the entire value.

  • "Map Contains": Compares and matches by word

  • "Map Terms": Map words (not the entire value)

  • "Map Range": Compares value to a numerical range and assigns a value

You can choose to update a different field instead of the field that holds the existing value, by adding a Copy function at the end.

In this example, the Job Title field is used for mapping values, but the Job Title field itself is not updated/modified. Instead, the mapped value is copied into the Persona field.


Now you can generate a CSV report, and run a simulation of the standardization process - before actually updating records in the CRM - to make sure it works as expected.

Click the Review button which will open the following dialog. You can choose between "Preview" more which simulates the standardization process for analysis purposes without modifying any data in the CRM, and "Update" mode which updates the data in the CRM.

Click the "Next" button to add email recipients that will receive the CSV report of the "before" and "after" values, and customize the message subject and body.

Finally, click the "Next" button to choose between running the process automatically on a recurring basis, or running it one-time right now.

Insycle will run the standardization process according to your selection and you'd receive an email with a CSV report.

Once you're ready to bulk standardize in the CRM, click the "Review" button again and pick "Update" mode. Insycle will standardize records in the CRM directly.

Audit Trail and History

The Activity Tracker lets you review all changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report of the operation and records affected.


Maintaining your CRM data plays a critical role in the effectiveness of any team that uses that data. Insycle automates CRM data maintenance so that you can focus on optimizing processes, not running complicated data maintenance tasks by-hand.

Save the configuration you just created into a template, so that you can reuse it in the future, collaborate with your team on the settings, and ultimately automate tasks.

You can choose to automate a template to run on a recurring basis based on a schedule, or integrate it into a workflow automation builder in your CRM.

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