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Insycle supports the latest HubSpot multiple associations and association labels.

You can use Insycle to add or remove multiple associations between any object (including custom object and parent/child companies) and select an association label. For example, associate two companies with the same contact, label one company "primary" and the other company as "agency".

Here is a short how-to

Pick the association type and label

Associate contact to a second company

With Insycle you can:

  • Associate contacts, companies, and deals using any or multiple fields. For example, Company Name AND Country.

  • Flexible matching rules: choose from exact, similar (fuzzy), and partial matching. Fine-tune rules to ignore top-level domains and sub-domains, formatting, spaces, text like "https://", common terms like "Inc" or "Incorporated", and more.

  • Avoid duplicate companies from getting created by disabling HubSpot's default associations. Instead, use Insycle to flexibly associate and create companies when matching is not found.

  • Manage parent-child companies and create account hierarchies.

  • Associate multiple companies, and use association labels.

  • Preview changes before they go live. Run association in "Preview Mode” to simulate and test the process and data changes before any updates are made in HubSpot.

  • Get a CSV report of associated records and relevant fields for complete context.

  • Bulk associate thousands of records with just a few clicks.

  • Analyze millions of records for associations in seconds on-demand.

  • Automate associations and alerts using date-based schedules or event-based triggers directly from HubSpot Workflows.

  • Health Assessment report to review unassociated contacts, companies, and deals, duplicate data, and other data quality issues in the CRM.

  • Audit Trail and history, every operation is stored and available at any time for download and undo.

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